Cloud based Applications

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure as a Service has turned out to be the most used and the must be used feature to enjoy the full benefits of technology. Eliminating the need to purchase, deploy costly in-house hardware and just “pay for what you use” model has made managing IT much simpler for organizations. But with wide range of choices in the market choosing the one that is scalable, compatible to any heterogeneous requirement, giving you flavors of the best technology and being economic is the wise choice and Revalsys Infrastructure Services is the best choice. 

We offer high-availability services through its high-grade data centers, expertise on hyperscalers, support for hybrid clouds, multi availability zones and four-way disaster recovery architecture, with a zero data loss guarantee backed by SLAs. It has enhanced its cloud management platform to support hybrid cloud environments, with the ability to define security and governance policy across different platforms.

We have distinguished experience in cloud based applications and are delivering extraordinary services to help businesses flourish in a cost-efficient manner.

We can virtualize your entire IT infrastructure including servers, databases, operating systems, applications and data by providing applications that meet your objectives. We help you to draw a strategic yet economical technology roadmap, maximize performance and security, ensure minimal risks, understand your load distribution and present the best technology for a constant business growth.

Data Services

Transform your data to transform your business. They are no longer dormant data there as we teach you and help you to convert every data into insightful trend analyzing mediums and performance showcasing information.

  1. Using cloud computing allows you to access your data and applications from anywhere. So as long as you can link with the cloud through the internet none of your data will be confined to a single hard drive or location.
  2. With the movement of your files to the web, you no longer have to pay for expensive high-memory computers. You simply need a device that is powerful enough to run the middleware needed to connect to the cloud computing system.
  3. In a company-wide setting, when you use the cloud, your employer will not need to buy software or software licenses for every employee; instead they will pay a fee to a cloud computing company to let all their employees to access their suite of software online.
  4. Servers and digital storage take up physical space which you might have to rent. Cloud computing companies store your data on their hardware; so no physical space is needed at the front end.
  5. Streamlining the software and hardware requirements will reduce the IT costs
  6. Finally the cloud computing systems backend is a network of computers. You may be able to take advantage of the network’s combined processing power to speed up the operation.